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tv   Today  NBC  February 9, 2016 2:07am-3:00am PST

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>> ra nar ftor:nbrom wsc neis, th " isy"todah witiekath lee ffgid ord andahoot k lb,e ivomfr st iouda 1 rinkeocllfe perzala. >> , heyybeverody. w >> se're, orryerwe wlke taing ou abatt whre we'ng goido to mo to frrowunor lch. >> re we'y ver.busy e'>> woire go ng ttotry e tak these two kidsut oo t lunch mo to.rrow >>k loos who'.here l>> ae ittl fbuzzlarom st ni ght. i >>ug broimht he, homke wald m hi shomeanafe und sod. g >>giood rl. he>> tlly wiwi be s th ubufor zz usin jlit a bttleit. b >> huzz,ppow aiaroprte. a >>rend gisase d gooa for ovhanger. d>> ion'tav he a ngha.over
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i f seelharpnd ay vert.smar ha>> sndrp art sma. >> ju he olst t td usxahe ect op teposi. >> is it s the otarte f th eschinw e ne, yearybeverody. apso hhipy c nneseeaew yr. wi i hsh inoad khawn tfot bere to day. >> ? why ec>> b tauseanhe m h whoeeas bn dr g ivinorme fye 33 baars ndck a h fort cfromctonne iicuts in chese. 's hefa my ulithfen frid d ani bhavereeen nmissisot w hhingim ppa haapy, hhipy c nneseeaew yr. a >>igll rht. o we d ahaveat grew shoy.toda h wethave eae great cr mtiveind gbehindhiirls t 40,s isew a n ne x shtflialow cveled lo. it ll's reanny.y fu th e arst ts,llhey'et gou y lk taing. so y the bwillthe wi us. nd>> ao alsrrtomos ow ig a bi t nighhofor da. isshe ti hosheng tan womay's d re red d ssdsawar. u yodo itry eve year. ey th'vet los abi com 2ned40 un pods tomp i trove hheirh.ealt l we'l ameetivll flie a ttle r lateinto ft d outhhow idey d . it nd>> ayo do owu kn i whos lk waining r thereed dwass ards? >> s i'mrvo neous.
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th ovis me. go i ft to--ind d>> i lid atlitlie syp .nc s wat thaow uptnkn fu? i >>ed trich it tooserehe dss r foanher e d shruovermeled . th i think ore shdrter foess r tt kithy wi l theanegs e d th e wholg.thin ho>> s wrterroas py babltta beer ea id. er ev wyone learsong. >> l i'lthget wiere y th m soscisndrs ae tak ocare.f it >>f ourcose you llwi. i >>s t warya ve d bign ay o rdsatuoray fbe me e causinbambo brcele hatedixis sirth by.thda the'snehe oh witnga ha.over h heotas nte gotern ov f hisifth bi ayrthdh. bas an u d yo twentsuo a boper wl pa rty. >> i did, ien wt tohe t rsroke' us hoe. es guo s whedcook? ur co wtneys ho it righ here incookayg aw. now tncourooey claked igst nht. mashe hede tzi craest ch haimic.ngas h weaave pl coue of piesctur. alookt her hngoldipe peprhe t
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s i walikeri woredpe pepasr w tt gefling d.ashe og>> dves nerer cawi shoheng tir uf stf,ch touing their stuff. ey the likit. >> wa anyt y, idewas oulicis. h soofats tf torohe b ancosnd onpeytni manng. r fofedeinatthg cae lirona panthers, as you know, the score was 24-10. >> panerthan fars hee tbarkeron, t buatth a'sol s aidzima tngm.ea th weyl il bbek,acac b bk, an god n o s--ebomy od aginstedramm a me,sa mesamge c wt ne mon'sr othe tsentm.o hi m' caths moener s tt itm o hiand he put itn o aginst iram,nk thi. w iteaas r rlly,y eallt grea ceadvim frotha moer. it e waslexcelnt. p>>toeyhan hud a , gegehu, hu -gehe- n's ooty nle th nnwigein qstuarterback, but at age 39, also the oesld wt toin a r supe.bowl pethe marfor incesug thoerht we az cry.
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i thghout,ga ele.ntly t>> ihthougpe resl.ctfu >> h, yean whesashe itng, was edincr.ible atake li.sten he tke rocts redla gre he tbs bom binurstgn iir a vegaof pro tghhrouhe t n ight othatlaur fgas w stillhe tre oh sayoe ds t--hat he>> tt mosngmovit parthwas em distant ng antattepuion g ttin th lieir onves l theine. a >>hend tlfn ha ctimeaname d i was g,dyinai w ptingntatiely. >> k youyonew onur ss g wa-- br mauno s rs ie.ther >> 'r youvee nerer suau becse so memetieys thl pulsta fa. one co ayldple camanout wd itas
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an end thon beyamce ct e ou es drtosed n the.ines d anenthru b ano bndoney hce aad singoff which was crazy. let's watch. asfell,'s let gets thi stadium akshg in gi rls, let's get in formation youno kwho w i am y ouno kw who i am >> e com !on whate els iss ierthe! at whls ees ie!ther l>> ithike ovis me. a >>f ll o- it - it>> we h th ilegslds wi. ld wies mov. >> s it'nka fuicy chken. >> m oh,shy go. thand heen wu n yoh watc athemll thtogebeer, e,yoncno bruri, chs ma frtinrom ldco,playou you cld te llhe tyer we iefrnds.
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t' les go. are. w>> iikas lpee hytirvennglati hiwatchang tt. nejoan t wasngextiis me th in e st ber? eve lii'm veke ever, er. yoand ewu knt thas chriinmart andon beyceer we pals. gu i esswy g ineths fdsrienh wit e thle whoup grond ahe tyos pted is th ctpiure,t thaus illestrat e th fdsrienhip. it hr's caris ms tin'and yn gwseth'gh dauwiter ayth j z's da erught. y >>eah. so et swe. we i ll, d woul tlikekeo ma a re t questhfor ofose wh us e o ar a lelitter lat l andr ongehein t h.toot r,olde r all?ight nti wast to a art tipetio on t chavegohica e and warthanind d re fith at pee suwlr boe somday. i -justve- i'ti men ionedt a co muples onthago. go e t thtesweeetst lfrter om
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ld so. out mso i iean,'t dond minthe un yoacger ts. i but k thin rtheyy eallldshou li heke tmm graivys g te ito ot peher sopleimometes. it me's a -ricae - thr supe bowl meis a'srica. d anomwe c le inofots s. age ou>> yw kno wwhatooas cool, t, wh hren caris msatin lng aook ba t ck athall pee suwlr bod s an sayou l w aldithe enffer it -- ou ththght asat wh suceaa grt th aning rd ity eallredid mind u yot abouytever thinghahat d me coor befe. th adey h t u2,tohe s mnes,elicha sojackn. y >>eah. c >>e an w atalk tbouthis? >> h theefot r. o whd caret abougathe me. di u d yohisee m? h >>idow dis i me s threhot f? i want to see m.hi h >>amis n e isetclake bl.eman alooks t hi.arms .look lhe'sa ike ihaloous arimnd h. ouof ci rse evbeliate wh you say.
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of rs cou we itas. us>> jokt lohi at m. oo>> l hk atim. ev neeryo lovedim hth on e te in.rnet yoeverasne w a all he 's a -y51olear-dea lgue cioffial fomrom aha. he or's wr k fonfthe ncl sie 08 20. twhis r itteunaccoyst sas he'a rs pe ionaly njurrnattoey? >> i nownt'm iteeresd. m >>edarrih witdrchilen. aah. b >>ppe har y fohim. >> l, weldy goo y forou. >> ra nebhuska s skertetweet d ou w hectas ay uallcka baup tequark rbacthfor '8eir ea0s tm. h soowe kne s t so iherelos a ct ofovontrersy ev yeery ar. ydidou have aor faviteth of e co cimmerorals did youhi tnk one fe lall ft? p >> muppyy onke ibabye s th st ofuff ht nigs.mare >> t tha was y.scar >> ut b youw knet imowas inunta w. de ou>> y't donth do elat s aling ni mivan.
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vi moe. we third ingsn i aim tto burn vi moe. a >>tl litire weutd, bd. goo y >> teah,onhe sm ograone. s let' atakek. loo >> , okaye.hodi nd>> are theyo is eaur bulutif by ba. an y y danow. r >>y,eall'r youtie eang do s?rito he at's edoing s ritoy on m asultr.ound whsee hat itoave l deawith? i >>w. kno >> ! aah >> i don't seehy weo pple are t upsetabou atth. u yo?know cothe allonili wiluramsbe g on e.mayb do i knn't ow. >> t thafuwas nny. >> pl peoe e arntso itieresng.
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h laugndoffeots anher one. jit'sust szao birre. >> lw i ahaays n ve aogapoly le itter pn myt ockey g >> 't don wee havur o l,craw you ?guys our elcrowl. ka lthieouee wldik leo t ogapolfoize atr wh's she ngsayi, wh heat s hasai sndd a what's she ab toout . say cawho res. en joy. bu tht i t oughaloveratl th the ercomms cial nweres ot at.grea t >>rehey e leas otheme n th in ettern. t >>gihey wave ao y to.much th etey lry eve sbodyheee to m to .soon i >>e lovstchrir opheenwalk. yt an hhingese do. him sngitti in the guy'sk- walin os cl eet iednjoy. a >>igll rht. en ooughu f yo.guys l we'linsee a you. bit hesoutalrn cniiforwya las er i heour f ro odathe y. >> martyba burnk andis hry sto wa ous brtoght ur o teatn.ntio he and his wifee hav oedffero t y pathe cgeolleti tuion of 26
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avist entlemearyoo schnl i eianahalm, cniifora. re heha's w ht heo ad tsay. >> ti getntng iteereslld wi bu aying b new toat,g ryinto ci dehide wnech oge to d t an ab thout amat smee tist, la mbdecemyer, to pasver ga a se armonstt eae sidstchriian ur chndch awa he lks taabing out ar chanity vid ging. an end whga he have trmt sei on, ju elst fvet moatd thin buyg a bo asat wer a vlfy sethish ing fo ar me cnd i dould mo souch mo o re tctimpa l the oivesf es thdse ki. an wad i o nt t smakethure at e thes hkidsevave ery op unporttoity to go le scthe ihoolrks wohaing o rd t smakethure ile ch adrenre in edspirgo to co to e llegi and ju anst w rt toe emovthe fi ianancrrl ba.iers pl[ ap ]ause e >> hctis ay uallngpayi for cfreegeolle. >> a howree woi gng to dohe t cfreegeolleng thi? is th, guy tbyhe way. es blu.s yo lepeope lik.that ow>> hso awes me i gthisuy. so wi he ayll p t foreawo yf rs o uncommcoity e llegtwand aro yes it tuation if cala ornie stat eruniv ositye r thvaequi alentt pr a e ivatolscho. od go h forim. wh sat a gweetuy. he ld coue hav everyy asilhtboug
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nd>> are theno is g thing wron bwithg uyinata bo. bu mt hethade hoat cice. an thd i itink we's a.some tit'seahe y tr ofonhe mankey d ithatods go p for muppyy onke .baby at wh y areoiou dveng oerr the? deour t sserreand a d teicserve. bfroma uddhcon. by w thei'ay, yim tro ng teat ri ght. a >>ownd hit is ng goih witthe tr r ainey everdatuesd y an th ayursd? >> s it' ,good but youno khaw w t sheol td me to doef bore every al mee, shd sai d arinkul fl lebottwa of ter. >> au bect se i dcutsonown r you tiappete. >> or befeae brt,kfasch lun and erdinn. o >>fur a otll boftle me sog.thin faour tevoring thie s arngcomi a uptl littee lar. a >>f nd iwayou ccnt atoess ll hod,ywoose the h twothold e y. ke he>> t ry'rey eallngactie likan ol rrd macoied mupleanore red mo moand re. >> ly bilh buskiand tty. th avey hure yoeb cel srityl choo
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ye?ir dne hoy... 'situst jrppule. enag teuge dahter? t geinscrubbbbleg 9%ll 99.germ of ds an destroy grime. with scrubbing bubbles for 100% problem solved. rkwooning fe my llet a g day ave pmeheain kn my ees. but now, i step on this mainche d an nget myrumbe ich whhematcr.s my dl' scholcus fstomhoit ortsetic in rts. w noimi get ate mediefreliom frot my fon. pai nee my k. pain
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we t wanerdiffstent fouff r e thr supe.bowl ac>> zwn bro. y >>es. l >>ofots e lukn,bryake bla sh n.elto cu t to thesetu sf ds otrcouny si muc. m >>t ix iup. mi hex tre gen.s up ar>> cunrie ooderwd. a >>igll rht. e we' tit's'sodayz. buz he tre'suihe joscy gthsip ouat y ss miveed oe r thenweekd. theyn damic duo ofes accs
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t kihofr, steo cuet togher. te s,ll uly kelrk clason. >> s it'goa todseea. e shllroits ut o. he>> som's cing. ow>> hci preisous s thi htdauger? >> d thehaiva ris arved. ha>> w st iseahe t?sing >> st firal of thl i itink 's ve riser roir's by thday.part sshe' tngurni 2. m i'inkiddg. , noini the'k shins go g to eydisn olandmer sog.thin s she'keli i,st' gimacal. >> ,oh llkey'sng goi to sn dindeyla? i >>a t's c musio,videon a sg, a bu alm. m sopruch reessufi to nnd aew wa my toanake ou annenncemket li .this e'>> walre t aking iboutt. b >>s >> she has the cutest .baby s >> phe'sanregnt. s >> phe'sanregntht wiit a ltle bo d y anbaher icby ps turet i pu
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she has the ctutes byba. nd>> aov i lr e nd>> a w canlke taut aboid dav -- ry larid dav"s on nl"? >> wa he eas grutt, bs he'y larr d davig beiny larrd.davi nhe'soiot derng bsanie s.nder jhe'sdoust laing darry vid. he be is .rnie t >>rehey' ppdongelga ters, hose two. th dee vi fo is, unnyghthou. j >> sust tohem ee tdesiy si bde is ss cla.ic 's iter burn yont eashusim. et>> l s' i >> oh, my god, bnie nd sa'mers, iou yrig bgest fan d i' anm telling u,yo i'mng feeli the bern. y>> couou ighedurnto yo ha nd. n'i doe t shakftit a cer aough. n >> do, iidn't. ocomer. sn, mrsandet , don'be .rude sh myake if whae's .nd >> sorry, i'm not being rude. e's she the beonruing y de b of rife gng am-erstinfe hedand. >> i'm geesrm-inf nowted is what ? i am >> g inerm-
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i otdo nke shagu disg stins.hand [ htlaug ]er a >> ande t thof tend skhat it, oseshe lfi by esve vot. >> tha oh,fut's nny. >> t pheeeople h bernedn ohe t y wato ghio get coffs .ee >> b huts lie' tket inhal rea fe li . d i livearwith lavidry d a for ye n hiar iess gue.t hous venot li ld with.arry t>> ad orriiraffa. s >>nyo maen wome. hav e'>> hacs exlitly hake t t in lrealife. he st que eionsthverying. 's heay alwtts geining to tr e.oubl i >>'t donw knotrhow isump g doinecit b daused onalis no outorir s fonghatims ger. he 's a major go-erm-e.phob hebut ll's a t out whereith ev oderyby. i >> h bets e haeaa grmut imne sy .stem h >>ocis dsator trid sstonge rs peo on t reverorun f es prt.iden hein t rlwod. n >> iwothe rld. >> g youaruys mie coacng bd k an l we'l aplaymm gramey ga. ha>> tt's ghrit.
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> >>mygrame s areka wey awaso t wehthougd we' aplay g funame e we'rincallneg tud s an ll ba.oons >>ur o crack pcerodursho c se osomeef thes btra gmmyor recds ov heer tt lasea20 yrs. ka lthiendee are i aag up t ains y billkiand t. neso oso peromn frh eac team ll wik picnga so o oute f th .bowl yo cau hun am, ictt,t oue giv s hintouto yrtr pa bner,ouut y ca nan't heme tis artt. ll bio.y, g w>>tnhi heystou, onwii ll wa alovys lu.e yo h >>idow d - youw.- wo h,>> ogo my d.
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nf>> >> . yes na e tali.cole oo>> gd. ocomen. i >>w kne bthate y thway. h,>> o h herndusbat jusedpass ay aw. >> in celone di. my rt heal wiln.go o p >>poop, opp, p. >> go. i >>e hat gthisame. >> y no,ovou l.e it fit'sun. iwhat?s it [ inhummg ] >> ha micacel j, kson ibeatt. h,>> ogo my d. go ., go h,>> ot jus.died hu [ g mmin]
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hu [ g mmin] >>ei nd l se laka,wiove eell kp t usheogetr. m >> bovieeseach. eebetw n -- c >>enhickg? win beoh, mitte .dler wi bndeaen mthngy wis. o >>hoh, sot. >> s thio is stiexcing. y.hurr [ inhummg ] g>>e iv smee omnthis. yo cau tan .lk a >> rdelengollith in epe de. a >>ound ye werinsingllg heo, i th ink. s >> i ithatt? 's ite. tim we pl'll uray dthing e mm coalerci. d >> won't, orryapbe hpy.
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ur yods haner aft b theooathrm? i woulday s so. >> and'l youl falln ie lovh wit tv'ses newdyt come .
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they work fandst aon das't tchte .alky m...mminamazg. havei rt heaburn. -selalka htzerrneartbuli reews.efch thenjoy liefe re. >> 's> itun a f s day mnowyy onda .here weand re're toady e comn cleaon mm coeaon hhalth .bits f >> ireyou'ti a sr cklefor ettoilt searscoveha or nd sa zenitir,is lupten . s. u.s newrl& wopod reoort tk a lo t ok ahewhethor tseab hits are ac lytuales nec.sary nd>> a h ourh ealtweand ssllne po re irterres heh witour me l dicaricontr.buto . dr nieatal .azar hi , esladi. h >>i. n cabeyou e liev hthisauas csed su fch atoiresrm? >> an i cnot. t >>ishis r youdabig aby, by. >> on so te ofhihe tyongs u it wroue ab tt isoihe tselet at co .vers yo e u see thoshein tpo airrts an ind thgs. ou should ysh or youldotou n e? us
2:33 am
t if is makefeyou etel b gter,o r foit. bu rt intyealiu , yot won'pick o upssr pams gerou thrhegh t il toet. >> dr. , azar'swhat v thecterdi? i >>al totgrly aee. upco tlenghiwes e weral tking t.abou in ure onhe t atse's, itri stele. yo n'u wot t gehianytng. >> i but'sf iteb somody el -se's- e >>lyxact. t bu'shere t the.hing u' yoitre s otinge n thettoil, yo veu haki a sn. yo kiur s yn isbeour arst b rier nsagaifet inn.ctio ut>> bho i t wughtree wen't su edppossi to t. >> i sit. >>re we'up sd poseovto her. >> yo if ntu wahi a torgh w.kout ob>> nhoody tverslohat ng. th ayey sy thebudo, 'st itd har .work y >>ouot go t thinkbo aut how many g aermsprre seady b hitoucoung yn r ow.face nl>> usoess dymeboez snen es o tothe silet neat,edo ne for .that ho>> syould shu war yous hand r afteg usinrethe omstro. i >>ul shodn'te havo tel tlou y is tht, bu thewe ansr is, of ur coyose, avu h teoh wasou y r s handr afteyoubo a tuto the ba omthro.
2:34 am
th nke sift asier uheng t th o >> nermattt whaoiis gn ng oin e thl?stal >> %30f o usp skihe tp soa and th ste ref o uson d'tas wngh lo ou engh. >> i buttwt's nuo miortes me sog.thin t'>> i ls asasong ta it tokes ng sipy hapth birtwday meo tis. wa g shin swithanoap ted wad r an wa alemys rr embeo to gr undethe na tils,oo. i>> do. pe eslycialwe betaten ps,ient i do . w >>abhat haout annd seritiz if yo iu'repin a nch. is t thathsomething ouat ynk thi gis athood ing? i >>u'f yon re inca pid h anyou n' dovet hap soawaand iter,s t' nyourbeext etst b. t bup soa w and iaterwas al-ys - ut>> bre thea is roconty.vers at whth is at? >> w youtoant k looonfor ate th nt coains aast le% t 60hoalcol. ha>> w it'ven beein sayg. >> nn ot abaantiiacterl. er th ce isovontr aersy about bs sue tanch whicbehas tuen sdied by f theorda fum a nofber ar yes. ey th't done havghenoude evince ye st toheay w othert r no it's da oungerr s fonshumat , bualanim
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2:36 am
er evrey thnte mohehs tnty wa you to go. >> yo if veu haog a yt a maor ev ymen gip equ, mentoudo yd nee anto se itizit? t>> ihthougy the dwere ioingt usbecaeye the wertisweabung, t syoudhoul beip wingt in downo ma wtter bhat,seecaua yog mats, un yliketoour ilet seat are a pe t rfec fhomeor a o lotrmf ges. d anonthe hily tlsng enoe, ather co tuplearips soe alyo if veu ha opany ouen wornds c anyut, co thver item wbah a idnd-a. 'sthat o howisrgananms c i getn. aandernoth tip that i found lyreal hel,lpfuon d't usehe t sa owme t tel yhatouip wedow d an tysweace pie o efmequipnt and en th putt tha ourn yoe. fac usbecaate thyo is orur poftal tr eny. w >>ouhy would y? e >>lyxact. st lang thire we'ki talbong aut, th tee waltr fiers. do r youyeallee nd toha cnge th ouose t? y >>roou py bablt don' -need- doyou d neehato cthnge em. yo n'u doedt nene to arcessily fi ylterwaour beter e caus it's be en tsereatdth in s.e u. nl>> uyoess iu'reinn flt. s >>ato wh e theaypa s as isbout % 91ouof hldsehoves hamu comnity
2:37 am
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2:38 am
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2:39 am
>> we> av ha e ceniea hy rtowcrd ou tht >> t' is blowing snow. th avey hbre ums ellathand e ey'r on tv. >> y' then re imothe orod fe. lov es>> yey, th. are in cytima c andtmommi sent,s ound alikeam dreat relhiionsp.
2:40 am
la his rioutmnighare. gi n lliabsjaco p andruaul st st ar inhe tew net n sflixs erie e."lov" ot>> bmih coffng oak breanups d ve haen givon up i theofdea love. tak soloe a ok. jus>> iept kevi beliet ng thaa rela ontiip eshlvvo andeset gs be er att lnde whikdoy bel iveie that ? er wh thee doiese l fs comerom? it l's oike, ih,w, knoon sndgs a s bookd anesmovi. pl saeallntvie? >> hoa, wea yh. , noie lik .it i doait agn. y >> yeah,anou cl telwrwho ote th ecis b hauseeot gll a the nelis. hi ki, .ds el>> w.come ha>> tfonks vir u ow>> h a funoure y. two ithatgrs a sceat tene,h.houg u yo sguyslieem ouke y're fr s iendrebefos thingtapi. y donoou ke w onheanotr? n >>o.
2:41 am
i oknewr f he cfromniommundty a ghthoue t shhiwas oularis. ry veen talted. >> h andot. s let'onbe hest. >>no. ye ah, ayokay, ok. a >>o nd sdihow u d yoa get k crachiat ts? el>> waul, pd l ha wbeenngorki th wiud jatd apnow o the new pe ewee hermanie movha tt's co ming ohiut tnts moh. t >>s hankthfor at. >> o andthn nee litffax lymi. ha y pp htop.el d anen yth sourtedtaal tng ki ab t thouide foreahe t show. h >>s e seeme to havmidathe s touch. y >>es. so >> n wetflixould say, s,ye of co .urse y soteou wro it, a oll fit,r o d di yriou w--te it i wr co- wote itddith ju and w myife. ha >> twhy t's diyou aydn't s iagills n wahot. la [ erught ] i >>ers thmee soli ad b hag?enin usbecae itee f llsikeha tt's enhapping a lelitt. >>ahye.
2:42 am
adid ot l of ivmpro on set, but eythls awro e otmesoic ne sc ptris. i sost wa a wrfondeulta sgrtin po anint dhe t fomreedo t say at wh ceveralame ong. an u d yotoget y plauta sl. w ho fmuchs un i.that so h mucerbettn thaccrebe a at y sunnk >> t thamywas on secoid chce. >> so it you have to do id-- d youe hav to do rrceseah hefor r? y >>noou kew, wll aav h ae stpa. i soho tught autboar eerli years of y m feliie, frnds. yo n u ca apoll o lotf oppe le, e therare a lot ofat gre sestori thout ere. butt' is funo t playeo somhone w liis sletly ss biinhited. i' mre ptty tlyightnd wou. >> es dibcryoe currahaerct. s>>odomebwhy to isalotly m nerd a . >> sot' ists a h?retc oi>> domng sale reie dany l da s lewiodmethin actreg he. , noayi plha a cerracted nam gus heand p's ae eoplsepleay r gu heand t's a futor yor a oung enstudt.
2:43 am
ngtryi to helpay p forer htu sff in s thetore and- - t >>s hat'ghrit. >> soov lste juds fin thewo t of yo u? h >>ulopefly. >> h, yeas it' tlikepien es sode an sld a xpow etiloraf on otwo pe goplengettiet togher. >> in maklog a mt ofkeistas. ik>> lfee li. un sods ksthan for cgomin te o seus. "l ove" premieres february 19 on nelitfx. >> nd app aenary tlewpe heemaern ri t ghteafthr at. >> iv feen wome mad ale p tdgeo ge art het heyalth andos le 240 dspoun coedmbin. w >>e'llevea rl how theyid d it
2:44 am
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2:47 am
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2:49 am
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2:50 am
>> l youawook e.esom a>> yndour husband is smiling down. shs e'so proud. >> lo we ve cyou,atongrs. a >>asnd lt t buaicertnonly t as lee t, w ehavelanchiamda ma. le met grab these from you fi rst. sshe'er sving a alhethy cirepe. >> what! he yalth chenasilad? >> 's shefr 49 orom narth ca.olin ermothth of ree. as ansistret di actorcht a urch chpresool. an e d sh talso cakesofare her mom. e'>> wisre lngteni. w. wo >> n shed eedee to b more isselfh. sh s e wangtakie carveof edyrybo hebut f.rsel d anshnow s e hapedrop d 25 po , undsrelowerd heher bl prood reessud, aned reduc her ri fskorbe diasteec bause she st edeadi h outerlo bodar sug ve lel. c >>atongrioulatns. >> t' thants fac.asti e >> wldshou t puteche ronipe r ouitwebse. ve lo it. i >>e madt i ourn yow! sho
2:51 am
pedropoud ab0 t 25dspoun. ee[ chndrs ala app]use ad>> l ties, yhanko,ou s so mu ch. a >>meweso. or>> s'mry iak spewiing y th m hfmoutul. l we'ligbe racht bthk wi our rifavohite tngs. t bursfi tt,s hi "isdato oy"n nb c. reheth in cie ty,pa g rkinard is hinto f likeems ry eveivone dres. d anwhthose shoo do uld tswitchoo geic be uscayou e ulcosaved ndrehu odscar n suinnce.ra ah, ecperft. va rklet paing. even hello! here he's t keys. an ud,o h, gsyeamy on ride, mate. wohm, muldn'tsomeind th of beat lief weln...ngto s to mee howu uch yod coulsa cave on rar insunce, go ic to ah! a(caroularm snds) it k!'s o ug eah! hrnrtbu !no b onen urns ochmy wat! try alkael-s htzerrtea burnrechliefs.ew they work fandst aon das't tchte .alky mm azm...aming. hi tzka-selearter h burnef relichews.
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it's definitely notgo fod my orckba. isthth is pae eart i rlly t lidon' rkeht higere. (doorbell) what's that? cka paage! it wi's a ser wffjeett. it almost feels like it's movinitg lfse. this is kind of fun. that comes from my floor? eww! isths de i cepch
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>> me> tish to ouare vor fa rite gsthin. u yo oknowriur fsqend uire wa alerys hthe wi g ourinod wks. he and hisif w aere two omphenenal pe.ople ithiss aoo bkle caldhe t 40-day pr cayerenhallge.
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yl banior uitvers sy tof ee i e theromis sngethith to cte fa at tht tha okindayf prer ac lytuals getltresus. o go dn 40raay a >> jnd iwaust tntsho yow ou e on moffay rivohite tisngs gthishauy tmet i ist th enweekisd, he namonis tcay lu. w wed alke aintoic musce pla and th uyis grt stalaed p.ying iheresos a f ng ohis. it al's cled "r oightmen ti." >> ik i late th. y wht can'fiyou hand tndt ki of mu alsic e l th?time >>y ton .luca ybeverodyno kws every rdwo. ian wt .to cc lua,y ton.luca rrtomos ow ii mard.gras l we'lbrcelefoate ndod a. fun >>nd al ivodi's congmi. >> wishen t? tha om>> tw!orro nd>> at' ibos edoz taysdue, ay op. ndfiut oha wmet ren tally hink where our guys tell all. >> m> myonissisi is .mple to make you money. i'm he treleo thvel aye pling fi foeld l r alstinveors.
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i promise to help you find it.
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